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Friends of Fort Erie’s Creeks is looking for volunteers to come and help us out with small and large projects.

If you are interested, please contact us at 905-382-7194


Friends of Fort Erie’s Creeks (FOFEC) are committed to the protection, restoration and improvement of the local waterscape, so that healthy ecosystems exit for people and wildlife since its inception in 1980. FOFEC endeavors to accomplish this through assessment, analysis and rehabilitation. Proven awareness of issues and practices with the public is part of our daily operations and are well documented in our monthly/yearly reports. Developing and maintaining reports helps cooperative efforts between government, industry, public, and by undertaking interventions where required.

FOFEC’s documented strategic plan process which summarizes all reports and activities to insure long term restoration results and continued success in collaboration with the Town of Fort Erie, DFO, MNR, NPCA and Niagara College. Student placements in our summer coop program continue to collect data on all water parameters, clean-up garbage, volunteer hours to all educational programs (Earth Day, Friendship Festival etc.) These results are available and shared with all areas to achieve continued success in maintaining sustainability in all projects. Personal testimonies from past coop students and volunteers confirm passionate commitment in all summer reports filed. FOFEC ultimately measure’s success by getting the job done by using up to date proven procedures and equipment. Results from reports, documents, before /after pictures are all part of our continuous monitoring program to improve water quality, habitat diversity and increase recreational opportunities.

2019 Board of Directors
  • President:
    Bill Connor
  • Vice President/Secretary:
    Ian Twyford
  • Treasurer:
    Bill Fryer
  • Director:
    Elmer Miskolczi
  • Secretary :
    Brie Smalldon
  • OLG Bingo Director:
    Maria Stehlik
  • Staff: Project and Program Manager and Technicianr:
    Shawn Porter
  • Coordinator/Technician and Ecosystem Restoration::
    Brie Smalldon