2555 Ott Road, Stevensville, ON L0S 1S0, On. Phone: 905.382.7194
Join our Team
and Become a Volunteer

Friends of Fort Erie’s Creeks is looking for volunteers to come and help us out with small and large projects.

If you are interested, please contact us at 905-382-7194


The Friends of Fort Erie's Creeks (FOFEC) are committed to supporting the health and continuous improvement of the fragile ecosystems found within the boundaries of the Fort Erie Watershed for the benefit of people and wildlife.

Our steadfast commitment is supported through mandated core values including, but not limited to, environmental monitoring, restoration and education: continuously monitoring the environment and undertaking interventions where required, raising awareness of environmental stressors through education, and fostering cooperative efforts between government agencies, peer organizations, industry and the public.

2021 Board of Directors
  • President:
    Bill Connor
  • Vice President/Secretary:
    Ian Twyford
  • Treasurer:
    Bill Fryer
  • Facilities Director:
    Elmer Miskolczi
  • Secretary :
    Brie Smalldon
  • OLG / Fundraising Director:
    Maria Stehlik
  • Staff: Project Manager, Environmental Technician:
    Shawn Porter
  • Environmental Technician, Ecosystem Restoration:
    Brie Smalldon