2555 Ott Road, Stevensville, ON L0S 1S0, On. Phone: 905.382.7194

Friends of Fort Erie's Creeks (FOFEC) are a non-profit organization located within the Town of Fort Erie.

FOFEC is an organization founded and sustained by volunteers who are genuinely concerned for the preservation, restoration and rehabilitation of the creeks and associated watersheds in the Fort Erie area.


The Friends of Fort Erie's Creeks and all the membership, staff and volunteers would like to thank you for your contributions which provided us with the means to continue our mandate of education, remediation and advocacy. We hope to continue working with your organizations in the future to keep environmental issue's first and foremost with the next generation.

Friends of Fort Erie's Creeks

Summer Works Co-op Program
Friends of Fort Erie’s Creeks gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Niagara Community Foundation, which is a public foundation serving the people of Niagara. The Foundation builds permanently endowed charitable funds for the changing need and opportunities of the community and provides grants to eligible charitable organizations in culture, health, education, environment, recreation and social service sectors.