2555 Ott Road, Stevensville, ON L0S 1S0, On. Phone: 905.382.7194
Annual Programs and Events
  • Student Co-op Program:
    This seasonal environmental monitoring program complements the current studies of environmental students and supports job readiness.

    In 2021, FOFEC will recruit up to five post-secondary university and college students to assist with environmental monitoring activities on Black Creek, and forest and trail restoration activities at the Stevensville Conservation Area

  • Introduction to Environmental Monitoring Program::
    Funded through the Ontario Trillium Foundation since 2018, FOFEC has been hosting a series of environmental monitoring and awareness programs annually to secondary school students.

    Students learn to identify native and invasive flora and fauna, monitor water quality with state-of-the-art sampling equipment, identify soil types and properties, analyze benthic macroinvertebrates, and assist in the restoration of forests and trails.

    The covid pandemic halted programming through most of 2020, but we are hopeful that circumstances will improve to the extent that will allow us to resume programming in the fall of 2021.

  • Earth Day 2021:
    Due to covid related restrictions, our Earth Day 2021 activities will be strictly limited to the planting of trees here at the Stevensville Conservation Area, utilizing FOFEC staff and only a few select students.
  • Annual Planting Events:
    Each year we do our best to solicit funds in support of ongoing reforestation objectives. Whether it be to restore a local forest, wetland, conservation area or urban green space, our goal is to plant more trees!

    We encourage the public to support us through volunteerism.

    Please contact us if interested and visit again later for information on upcoming events.

The Friends of Fort Erie’s Creeks thank the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) for there generous financial support which funded a three-year reforestation and environmental education project at the Stevensville Conservation Area. Thousands of native trees and shrubs were planted, trail systems were restored, and hundreds of students attended our educational programs. The project is in its final stages and has been deemed a tremendous success by peer organizations and governmental agencies.

Niagara Conservation Authority

The Friends of Fort Erie’s Creeks thank the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority (NPCA) for their continued assistance with the Stevensville Conservation Area Reforestation Project through planning, mapping and tree management services. The NPCA’s support was paramount to project success.

Brief History
The Friends of Fort Erie’s Creeks (FOFEC) were initially formed as the "Ad-Hoc Black Creek Clean-Up Committee" in 1980, as a result of a petition put forth by citizens of the Black Creek area. As a subcommittee of the town council, they were given the responsibility of monitoring and cleaning Black, Beaver and Frenchman's Creeks. Three years later, after changing their name and mandate to include all of Fort Erie's Creeks, they became a registered, charitable non-profit organization. To date, FOFEC’s mandate has expanded even further to include the monitoring – and restoration where permitted - of all tributaries and associated ecosystems located within the Fort Erie watershed, with a strong emphasis on educating post-secondary university and college students in the process.
Niagara Conservation Authority
Thank you to the Ontario Charitable Gaming Association (OCGA) for their longstanding support and continuous financial commitment to non-profit organizations in the province. Each year the OCGA provides us with the critical financial assistance needed to cover administrative costs, field equipment and program materials, in turn, supporting our mandate of environmental education, restoration and monitoring.
Niagara Conservation Authority
Thank you to the Niagara Community Foundation once again for funding our 2021 summer co-op program! University and college students currently enrolled in an environmental program will learn to utilize the latest sampling procedures used in the field by today’s professionals, with firsthand access to highly technical, state-of-the-art sampling equipment.
Niagara Conservation Authority
The Friends of Fort Erie’s Creeks wish to thank the Fort Erie Conservation Club (FECC) and its membership for providing our organization with a new home. The grounds of the Stevensville Conservation Area provide an ideal setting for our educational programming. This renewed relationship will surely enhance service to all citizens in the area through our combined efforts to restore the environment and educate local youth.
UPCOMING EVENTSStevensville Conservation Area Reforestation and Education Project:

  • Project start date is February 5th, 2018 and will run for a period of three years.
  • Project works will include reforestation and trail restoration
  • Education will be incorporated into all works

Earth Day 2018:
  • Venue to be announced in March 2018
  • This is an all age event which encourages interaction between attendees and representatives from local environmental groups.
  • Complimentary to the many displays set up by local environmental groups and businesses, local students are asked to create their own poster board display highlighting an environmental issue of choice. The displays will be judged by representatives from all environmental organizations in attendance; prizes being awarded to the top three entries. All prizes are made available through generous donations from major sponsors.
  • This is not a fundraising event.